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Avondale Kingfsher aka Frankie Fisher
Avondale Kingfsher aka Frankie Fisher

Hi, we're Paul and Wendy  and we love caravanning and camping.

We would like to show you how we took a badly decorated tired old caravan, that many a folk would have said was ready for the great caravan heaven and turned it into a very nice comfy holiday home to take our family on great get aways.

First we'll introduce you to the caravan, what it was like when it first came out of the factory and caravanning from that era. Then we will show you some pictures of what the caravan was like when we first got the van and how we refurbished it to good as new with a few additional touches of our own.


A bit about us......

Favourite leisure activity:
Meeting friends, caravanning,camping and and going to ukcampsite meets


Favourite TV-Show:


Favourite music:

All kinds

Favourite drink:

English cup of tea

Favourite meal:

Full english breakfast

Favourite country for traveling:
England , where else ?


If life's a beach ! then tell me where the campsite is ???